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Indestructible Competition 2013: The ultimate test of strength for VARTA Consumer

The slogan of the Indestructible lights from VARTA Consumer packs a real punch – precise, strong and, of course, indestructible. In our Indestructible competition starting in August, we want you to find creative ways to put the strength of the lights to the test. Total prize money of € 8,000 is up for grabs for the most creative ideas.

VARTA Consumer implements new EU regulation

The transitional period for EU Regulation 1103/2010 will end on May 30, 2012. Starting then, all portable secondary (rechargeable) batteries sold within the European Union must carry information about their minimum capacities. In response, VARTA Consumer has put these new standards into practice across the board and has also extended its range to “Ready 2 Use” technology.
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